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Classroom Instruction     The Technology Integration into Developing  Nation Classrooms program takes new tools into the classroom. ACP does not just send equipment we go into the classroom with the teachers and students. We have developed an implementation approach which includes an organizational assessment, administrative training and teacher training. We have a process which teaches an organization all of the different facets required to maintain and use technology in the classroom. Our goal is to insure the teachers have the resources and know how to utilize the resources to create a better educational experience. Results of our project work and the 'best practices' observed during the pilot project and the results of all quantitative assessments are available in our Library.

     Our program is broken into phases. We have detailed training plans in English and French. During the assessment phase we identify who will maintain the tablets and identify Tablet Administrators who we train on tablet configuration and handling. Our training plan covers areas that needed to be addressed to include general use, maintenance, safekeeping, distribution, logging, application loading, and application usage reporting of the tablets. In the second phase of training, the Teachers are given tablet instruction training. The Tablet Administrators are also required to attend this training. The training acclimates teachers to using the tablets and prepares teachers to assist ACP in conducting the student tablet instruction training. The third phase of training is the most complex. In this phase, ACP taught the teachers how to integrate the use of tablets into their classroom. This training occurs before the teachers teach their first lesson using the tablets to their class. It consists of  teachers teaching a mock lesson plan to fellow teachers to show them ‘how they would use the tablets’. ACP’s educational subject matter expert has developed a list of recommendations going forward to help teachers in learning and transitioning to using the tablet as a tool. The final phase of training is Student training. The training is co-taught by ACP and the class teacher(s). The training assists the teacher with the initial classroom implementation and acclimation of the students to using the tablets. Our approach contains a robust in class assessment and metrics collection component. All participants are given pre and post questionnaires. We conduct individual classroom observation sessions over the course the program.  

     Though we have developed all of the training plans there is more work to do. We would like to enhance the training materials and develop a complete set of video instruction guides. We would like to expand and enhance the materials we use during our observation, we would like to formalize a program to brief results back to school teachers and administrators.