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     The Development Internship Project is component of our Open Educational Resources Development Program. It consists of utilizing local talent to further the development of Open Educational Resources (OER). Currently, we have set up basic infrastructure and management oversight in the United States, and we have recently begun taking on computer science university students as interns in Port-au-Prince, Haiti at Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haïti. The aim is to have the interns working to continue to develop these Open Educational Resources. The ACP Team develops the core components of the Open Education Resources and the interns customize the applications to have culturally-relevant Internsgraphics, audio support and mother tongue instruction. They have developed over 50 literacy-based mobile applications (based on the Mother Tongue Book series) and over 50 digital children’s books on the  Bloom Library software. We are currently working to develop another university partnership to have intern support in in the United States. We plan on utilizing the innovativeness of the new interns to helps us take our program to the next level.

      To kick off the program ACP conducted a Mobile Application Development Workshop in Port-au-Prince  at ESIH. We planned for 12 participants and ended up with 17 from ESIH University, the Ministry of Education and a number of both public and private organizations. Check out our Facebook page to see some of the highlights. 

     The picture at the right shows our 2016 Interns from ESIH. We are raising funds now to continue the program into 2017 and to conduct another workshop in Port-au-Prince.