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     ACP is currently partnering with Caris Foundation International to support their initiatives with children in Haiti who are HIV position. Caris is a non-profit private foundation whose mission is to aid impoverished people by helping provide for their basic needs. ACP provided technical support in assisting the development of the ‘Kids Clubs’ tablet program. ACP shared both its expertise and all of the documentation developed during its Education and Healthcare Tablet Innovation Program.  ACP facilitated the creation of a project management plan, a methodology, a monitoring mechanism and data collection tools to establish and collect best practices. 

     To help kick the program off, ACP donated 30 Sûrtab tablets for use in the ‘Kids Clubs’. The education program content, developed by the Caris Foundation, has now been digitized and added to the tablets. The tablets are being used as an educational and motivational tool.  They have increased participant interest in the club program. The ‘Kids Clubs’ program is currently in a pilot phase with 10 clubs operating on a monthly basis. ACP is providing ongoing professional consulting services to the Foundation in order to expand their club program to all 10 departments (regions) of Haiti and to replicate the education program to all of the Caris Foundation offices across Haiti. The ‘Kids Clubs’ will be centrally managed from the Caris Foundation’s offices located in the Haitian cities of Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, Jacmel and Jeremie, and will require further guidance and direction from ACP. This project is 100% funded from the profits of fee-for-service work performed by ACP.