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Greg in Kabul

     ACP conducted a year long project in Kabul Afghanistan supporting Information Sharing between nations involved in the conflict. ACP provided professional services support to Intelligent Software Solutions, Inc. to interact with Stakeholders and develop requirements for new capabilities to be added to the International Distributed Unified Reporting Environment (“INDURE”) system.  The required interaction included working closely with the International Security Assistance Force (“ISAF”) located in Afghanistan. 

     The INDURE system is valuable to the efforts in Afghanistan and supports the charitable mission of ACP for two reasons: first, it is leveraged as a means to manage and share data for multinational stability and reconstruction operations; and, second, it is an invaluable “leave behind” system with data-sharing capability for use by national, regional, or local Afghan governments and authorities.  INDURE provides a capability for national, international, and NGO groups to manage and share individual and collective data within a single reporting environment. At the organizational level, the system can archive valuable organizational information—e.g. GPS location of water wells, names and biographies of community leaders, materials used in the building of a school, capacity of recently constructed hospitals, essential details of significant events, etc.—that can be entered in multiple locations and viewed by an unlimited number of stakeholders.  At the country level, information flows from multiple national, international, and NGO sources and are aggregated in the system and combined to support the stability operations—e.g. security, governance, development, humanitarian assistance, socio-cultural awareness, project assessment, etc.—in war torn Afghanistan.  INDURE has become a key enabler for the successful transition of civilian activities from non-Afghan organizations to local and national governments.