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     ACP is currently providing policy and planning support to the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) in the areas of information sharing and dissemination. The need for the sharing of information between CENTCOM, coalition forces, partner nations and nontraditional partners such as Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) has been repeatedly expressed by senior military and government leaders. The need has been proven in Iraq, Afghanistan and is now becoming very evident in Syria. Solid process and procedure that are integrated into the current operational framework is critical in the success of the CENTCOM information sharing plan.

     This task is a follow-on activity to the Afghan Information Sharing project. Mr. G. Hearne, ACP’s Chief Operating Officer, functions as the Unclassified Information Sharing (UIS) Liaison officer to various national level agencies in the Washington DC National Capital Region. Mr. Hearne utilizes his both his engineering and operational experiences to work with and guide the stakeholder communities. His primary focus is on the development of policies and procedures which allow information sharing. For example, Mr. Hearne is currently spearheading an initiative to publicly release warning alert messages when a possible activity is identified which could harm military or civilian forces. Specifically, USCENTCOM now provides warning alerts if they learn the possible location of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan. Mr. Hearne is working on the policy changes required to release other types of information.